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Top Party Rental Tips

Here at Casino Entertainment Industries, we know parties and we know party rentals! These are some of our top tips for ensuring that your party rental selections and choices are the best.

What Type of Party Rental Equipment Do I Need?

There are many different types of rentals to consider, including:

  • Tables, such as cocktail tables, round top tables, communal family-style or harvest tables, rectangular tables, and square tables. Your selection will depend on factors such as the type of event being hosted and the venue’s individual floor plan.
  • Chairs, including benches, stools, Chiavari chairs, and padded folding chairs.
  • Furniture, including armchairs, loveseats, couches, coffee tables, trunks, lamps, dance floors, moveable stages, and more. Furniture can definitely add a classy, elegant, comfortable, and lived-in feel to any venue.
  • Decorations, including fabric ceiling liners, string lights, table runners, wall decorations, centerpieces, and more. These items can add beauty and further the theme of your event.
  • Lighting, including chandeliers, floor lamps, spotlights, and more.
  • Linens, including tablecloths, napkins, and more. You’ll need to choose the right color as well as the material of your linens for your specific event.
  • Heaters or fans to help keep your guests comfortable.
  • Foodservice items including platters, hot plates, serving dishes, chafing dishes, bowls, coolers, china, silverware, glassware, coffee cups, coffee pots, and more.
  • Tents, which can add elegance and shelter to an outdoor event.

General Safety Tips for Party Rentals

These are our top tips for ensuring that your rentals go smoothly and safely:

  1. Prepare for an emergency. What is the proper evacuation procedure? Can you conduct a quick tear down? These are some important questions to ask your rental company.
  2. Know how your rentals will handle the weather. Even in a mild weather place like Los Angeles, weather can be a factor! What happens if there is a sudden rainstorm? How will your tent rental stand up in a windstorm? Ask your rental company.
  3. Be sure to secure your rentals thoroughly. How do you secure your tent safely? If you are on a lawn, most likely you will be staking the tent down. If you are on a hard surface such as concrete or pavement, you may need to use heavy blocks. Make sure you know about these things ahead of time.
  4. Know who is setting up and who is tearing down. Some rental companies offer set-up and tear-down services. Others expect you to handle these aspects of the rental.
  5. Ask about insurance. Make sure you know all the details about insurance associated with your rental. A good party rental company should definitely be upfront about these things.

Our team here at Casino Entertainment Industries is always honest about our rentals and every aspect of the process. Start your planning now.

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