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How to Prepare for Casino Night Fundraisers

Casino night fundraisers and Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournaments have become an increasingly popular form of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. While they can be great ways for your organization to gain awareness and generate much needed funds, the success of your event will depend on careful planning, preparation and choosing the right casino party rental company. Our casino party rental specialists at Casino Entertainment Industries can help you determine the best steps to planning your fundraiser, so it goes off without a hitch and your organization gets the financial boost it needs.

These steps can help you prepare for your casino night fundraiser:

  • Form committees: Divide your casino night fundraiser event tasks among different committees, including one for planning, hosting, the event day, and subcommittees. A lot of behind-the-scenes planning can help your nonprofit organization delegate tasks to ensure every aspect of your event is covered. These committees will take care of the events logistics, recruiting donors, and executing the event itself.
  • Determine your goals: This will help your organization stay on target during the casino night planning process and help you analyze how successful the event was after it has ended.
  • Solidify your budget: Map out the expenses of your event to create a reasonable budget, which will help you determine how you can cut costs and remain profitable.
  • Choose a venue: When you’re planning a casino night fundraiser, you should consider the space layout, cost, permits/licensing (For Texas Hold-Em poker tournaments, a permit must be obtained from the Department of Justice), and its proximity to the target audience. One of our casino party rental specialists can help you choose the appropriate venue, if you’re having trouble deciding or finding the right space.
  • Arrange entertainment:  Casino Entertainment Industries will provide all the casino action.  We do suggest some sort of background music. If a live band or DJ is not in your budget, be sure to provide some source of background music to add to the ambiance. A lively party is a slightly noisy party. Providing your casino party rental representative with an accurate head count ensure you have the right amount of equipment.
  • Advertise your casino night fundraiser: Create a multichannel marketing plan to reach your prospective donors. This can include social media, flyers, mailers, and more.

Fundraising takes careful planning, and you’ll need at least 6 months to prepare properly if you want the event to go off without a hitch. At Casino Entertainment Industries, our casino party rental specialists can help.

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