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6 Party Planning Tips

For a lot of people, party preparation may not come easily and can be very time-consuming. I would consider myself a part of those that did not inherit the natural ability to create "the vision". Fortunately, there is a passion and drive, and that is why I decided to consolidate everything I know about planning a party into 6 simple steps.

How To Plan A Party

1) Make The Guest List & Send The Invites

What To Include:

  • The type of occasion it is
  • The date of the party
  • The time of the event
  • The type of invites
2) Find The Venue

Things To Consider:

  • How much space is needed for the party
  • The policies of the location (i.e. is outside food/drink allowed)
3) Choose Entertainment

Options To Consider:

  • The type of entertainment - Music, DJ, Dance floor, Silent Auction, Photobooth, Comedian, Magician, Showgirls

4) Make A Food Menu

You Will Need To:

  • Create a shopping list
  • Rent or purchase serving dishes/utensils
  • Opt for catering
  • Determine the type of food that will be served - Dinner, Finger food, Dessert, etc.
5) Choose The Drinks & Bar

You Will Need To:

  • Make a drink menu
  • Choose the type of bar - Host, No Host, or Cash
  • Get any bar necessities, such as accessories, ice garnish, cups
6) Rent Necessary Decor

Things To Consider:

  • What decor you need - Tables, Linens, Centerpieces, Drapes, Lighting, Flower Arrangements

There it is, the guideline to any successful party.

Extra Party Planning Tip: Make An Agenda

Keep in mind, for larger events, it might make it easier to jot down a simple agenda for the night. It will help with the flow of the party and avoid any lag, which will keep your guests entertained and more likely to stay longer. It is also a reminder of things you planned on doing throughout the party, just in case you get caught up in all the excitement. Remember, you will spend more time coordinating the event than the actual event itself, but the memories you make will last a lifetime. Plus, there are always people to help with the preparation for your party.

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