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3 Ways to Take Your New Year's Eve Party to the Next Level

So, you’ve decided to throw your own New Year’s Eve party. You want this party to be more than a nice get-together—you want a memorable, classy, fun, and incredible event. At Casino Entertainment Industries, we know a thing or two about parties. Listen to our top tips and advice about how to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

Take (Measured) Risks with Your New Years Eve Menu Ideas

It goes without saying that your party needs food. Food makes people happy, it gathers them together, and it gives them something to do when they get to your party. Eating naturally puts people in a jolly mood—so why would you limit that with a boring and predictable menu?

Party planners usually go a few different ways with their food. They might:

  • Buy cheap and in large amounts
  • Buy safely with bland, predictable foods
  • Buy luxury but without alternative options

Food is one of those things where going a little extravagant (even at the cost of other things) really pays off. People don’t remember the cost of the decorations of the parties they go to. They won’t remember the number of balloons. But they will remember the food.

Don’t settle for dips and celery sticks. Go with food choices that are bold, but with broad appeal. Order chicken wings—but with a twist to the flavor. Check out popular non-American side dishes, like dolmas (rice and meat in grape leaves) or fried wontons. Try to find flavorful vegan dishes that your steak-loving college roommate would enjoy.

Gauge your guest list when it comes to your food, but giving people the chance to be daring (especially on a holiday like New Year’s Eve) might be more fun than you think. And it will guarantee that people will come to your parties expecting something new and fresh.

Be Strategic with Your Guest List

The most important part of a party is often the most difficult to create—the atmosphere. The atmosphere, energy, vibes, or whatever you call it, is the lifeblood of the holiday. The right crowd can make a party out of virtually any gathering. The wrong crowd can kill the mood, no matter how great the food is or how loud the music.

When it comes to your guest list, a little bit of forethought goes a long way.

  • Make sure to personally invite your friends who are good at meeting new people. Social butterflies not only facilitate new relationships, but they help the shyest people feel more at ease.
  • Guests who feel comfortable dancing, singing, and enjoying themselves around strangers are a must.
  • Also invite your loud, rambunctious friends. While you might be afraid to let your party get out of control, good parties have at least one person who is willing to get a little “too” crazy. Strangely enough, your one raucous friend will give your more reserved guests the license to let loose a little bit themselves.

Just make sure you also invite your larger and sturdier friends—it never hurts to have a bouncer on hand in case things get out of hand.

Plan Fun Party Activities for Your Guests

Whether it’s great music and space for dancing or a pile of card games, giving your guests some activities is a way of ensuring that your less “party-savvy” friends will be able to entertain each other. Not only that, but fun interactions usually happen as a result of something else going on around them. Give your guests that “something else,” and the whole party will become more enjoyable by naturally filling up pauses in conversation or low-key moments.

Put two people in an empty room together, and the mood will be tense and awkward. Give them a deck of cards, and they’ll feel more at ease. Give them some poker chips and the chance to compete with one another, and we guarantee you’ll end up creating new friendships.

If you want the help of party experts, contact Casino Entertainment Industries. We are a one-stop shop for catering, music, DJs, and other ways to make your party a memorable one.