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Casino Entertainment Fundraisers

Casino Night Party Rentals and Texas Hold-em Poker Tournaments have become increasingly popular and more importantly a profitable way for Non-Profit organizations to generate much needed revenue. Casino Entertainment Industries serves hundreds of charities, schools and non-profits statewide. Raising Millions of Dollars in the process. We understand the importance of budget conscious events and work with you to help maximize the amount of money and awareness you raise while keeping your costs down to a minimum.

At Casino Entertainment Industries we take great pride in every event we cater. Our professional and devoted fund raising specialist will help guide you step by step to reach your goal and ensure your event will be both successful and memorable.

Our fund-raising specialist go the extra mile to insure your events a complete success with...

  • FREE In person presentations.
  • FREE Casino Night Party Rentals and Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament fund-raising game plan
  • FREE Online promotion and marketing for your fund-raiser.
  • FREE Step by step guidance throughout the entire process.
  • FREE Advertising for your event.

Whether your Casino Party or Poker Tournament event is a low key fund-raiser with 50 guests or a large scale event of 5000 or more, you can be assured our event planning specialist will dedicate the attention and care necessary to make your special occasion a complete success.

Casino Entertainment Industries has put together a complete Casino Night Party Rentals and Poker Tournament fund-raising package that includes a list of suggestions, that go into detail to help you achieve a successful event. To receive a free package or for more information please don’t hesitate to call.