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Sell More Tickets at Your Fundraiser

Many non-profit and charitable events rely on sponsorships, ticket sales, and donations, such as raffles and auctions, as a main source of revenue. Your fundraiser can earn more by utilizing the resources you have more effectively. Getting the whole organization involved with promoting the event and selling tickets is one way to help achieve your goals. Preparation of your event is equally as important as the night of the event.

Several different approaches can be used to increase ticket sales, but not every one of them will work for every type of event. Encourage the early bird by offering a discount when tickets are purchased in advance. Sell a larger quantity of tickets by offering group rates and special prices for sponsors. Your sponsors are more likely to bring their colleagues that would potentially be interested in future investments. Involve event workers and challenge them to selling a certain number of tickets by a given deadline.

Luckily for us we live in a technologically advanced world filled with free advertising opportunities. Take advantage by promoting your event on Facebook, online newspapers, or any other networking and social media sites.

Don't forget to include your event planner early in the preparation process for your event. Their experience can bring additional ideas to assist with success of your event.