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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Back to School Fundraising

    || 5-Sep-2017

    Tired of the same old fundraising events? Our Poker Tournaments and Casino Nights have helped high schools, sports teams, local clubs, and organizations raise the money they need by bringing a unique and exciting atmosphere to their fundraising experience. We offer special rates for schools and local non-profit organizations. Contact our casino experts to better help with your fundraising needs.
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  • Sell More Tickets at Your Fundraiser

    || 1-Jun-2017

    Many non-profit and charitable events rely on sponsorships, ticket sales, and donations, such as raffles and auctions, as a main source of revenue. Your fundraiser can earn more by utilizing the resources you have more effectively. Getting the whole organization involved with promoting the event and selling tickets is one way to help achieve your goals. Preparation of your event is equally as ...
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  • Party Planning

    || 8-Feb-2017

    In 5 Easy Steps For a lot of people, party preparation may not come easily and can be very time consuming. I would consider myself a part of those that did not inherit the natural ability to create "the vision". Fortunately, there is a passion and drive, and that is why I decided to consolidate everything I know about planning a party into 5 simple steps. __ 1) Guest List -Occasion -Date ...
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  • Our Newest Table Games

    || 1-Feb-2017

    Ultimate Texas Hold-Em Poker ​We are excited to introduce our newest table game, Ultimate Texas Hold-Em Poker. Reinvented version of the original Texas Hold-Em, where players go head to head with the dealer, rather than each other. Played the same way as Texas Hold-Em, with an additional trips bet and chance to multiple your winnings by four. This exciting, fast paced game of poker has become ...
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